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Football season is back! Finally, that time of the year that brings people together on a sunday. You love football and want to host a kick ass party on the next Sunday night football? Well here are some great ideas on how to host your next Sunday night night football. People will talk about this for days to come. Props or meal menus are not included you will have to come up with that on your own. Let's check it out.

6 Ways To Host A Football Game

The classic tail gate
If your team is playing in town then go to the game go 2 hours in advance to prepare and set up for the tailgate, make sure to bring enough beer, your team props, a bbq, tables, chairs and have some games prepared. If you don't want to go to the stadium or if your team is not playing in town then do a tailgate in your driveway or backyard set up a big screen projector outside against the wall or the garage door if you don't have a projector then get one here. They are not very expensive, make sure to have enough beer and of course have your team fan gear ready. Call all your friends and tell them tailgate at your house and take over your street. You can charge $10-20 a person which will pay for the projector on the long run and pay for the beer and snacks. Perfect for 4pm games.

Have a bbq at the house
The bbq at the house is similar to the tailgate but a little more family oriented, invite your friends and family over to watch the game. Alternate with your friends on who is hosting the game on different weeks, this is perfect when your team is playing at 1pm.

Have people over in your man cave/bar
This is where you invite only your close friends to come over watch the game with you, without any distractions. If you have a spot in your house where its quite and its your little getaway from reality then Sundays game is the time to use it. This trick is mostly used for superstitious people where they don't want to be bothered by non sense during the game. Only people that are real fans are allowed in the man cave! Perfect for night games.

Fantasy football league
Create a league with your friends where each Sunday you guys choose someone different in hosting the Sunday game. The host must provide all the amenities for the party. Props and fan gear is to each its own.

Do a bloc party
Each season send out a warning/invite to all your neighbors that you will be hosting a bloc party when your team is playing their worst rivals. Pick a date send out flyers, plan it, you can even charge. Plan a half time mini football game on the street for the kids. For the adults have drinking games beer and a bbq. Put your tv outside or put a projector. Make sure to check your local laws for any complains before, do not disturb the peace. When the day comes close down your street and have fun! This is great for 1pm and 4pm games.

Ladies out. boys day in
This one is my favorite, if your loved one doesn't enjoy watching the game with you, then buy her a day at the spa or treat her to a shopping spree. Invite all your friends order in and drink beer watch the games all day. This is perfect for morning, afternoon and evening games!

I hope these 6 ways will help you host a memorable Sunday football game, enjoy and have a good game!
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Ah the good days when I used to go to school, great times I had, didn't learn much about general education but I did learn tricks and hacks on how to skip school and how to cheat on tests. I always managed to get good grades and to be present in school. I'm not saying I was a role model but I learned things my way and I learned them the hard way, I had fun but it was rough as a student, a lot of detentions and extra school hours. My school years finished over a decade ago when I dropped out and decided to pursuit my dreams. Don't get me wrong I still got a pretty good education and everyday for me is a learning experience. I just learn about life and about things differently, I read a book a week, attend seminars and I learn from my mentors. I'm very observant, I also like to learn from peoples mistakes not from a system that is established by the government. Anyways that's a whole different story, kids if you are reading this stay in school and follow the rules. These tricks are for information purposes only, I do not condone or recommend you to try any of these tricks, to use at your own discretion. So let's start...

6 Ways To Cheat On Your School Test Or Exam

The Student I.D Card Trick
Every student has an I.D card which has to be on them at all times when they are in school in case someone wants to identify them. At my college you need to show your ID to get into the test class, So what I used to do is get one of those neck card holders or "ID Badge" with the front showing my ID with picture and in the back It would have another card or a piece of paper, will get to that in a moment. In the back of my ID I would tape a sheet with all the information I needed for the test. It was taped with scotch tape in a way that I could easily unfold when I remove the card. In the case that my teacher wanted to see my ID I would just slide out the card and rip off the scotch take which held the paper to the back of the ID card, it would leave the paper in the little neck holder. I used to sit in the middle of the class because teacher was always spotting people in the back and in the corner. When he wasn't looking I would unfold the paper and put it under my leg. Once I was done with the test I put the paper in my back pocket, get up and leave the room.

The dictionary cheat sheet
If it's an open book test and then great if not then here is what to do, say you don't understand certain English terms and that you need a dictionary to do the test (this is your right) tell them or else you would be asking questions every second. Make sure your dictionary is US letter 8.5x11 size or bigger, put a bunch of random papers in it related to another subject or if your pretending you don't understand English that well then put papers in a foreign language. Then get the thinnest piece of paper you can find and (it has to be thin) write a cheat sheet with all the terms or things that you need for the test fold it in half put it in a random page, don't forget the page number in which you put it in. Since the cheat sheet is thinner than the dictionary pages, you won't even notice that there is a sheet with notes in the middle of the dictionary. Once its test day put the dictionary on your table the teacher will tell you remove all the papers from your dictionary which you will do but keep your cheat sheet. During the test if you need to use your notes open the dictionary on the page you put it on.

The body ink pull over
Now a days a lot of people have tattoos, so use this to your advantage. In the summer write what you need in your inner thigh and put shorts on. When you need information roll up your shorts while the teacher is not watching and make sure to put them back down once you are done. In the winter put a hoodie write what you need on your arm when you need information roll up your sleeve while the teacher is not looking and make sure to put it back down once you are done. Teacher is not allowed to ask you to see your body with out your parents being present (if minor) or with out your lawyer.

The heist game plan
This one is my personal favorite and probably the strategy I used the most, heck I even made a little side business out of it. (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR ANYONE). For this you need a game plan and need a team of 3 people who you can highly trust. There are 2 ways of doing this right. First way, was to locate where my teacher kept the tests either in the classroom or in her office, I used to go see my teacher after class and before class simply ask questions and go to her office during office hours, like I said I am very observant. I went to see her and ask questions about the course and about my future, I made it look like I was interested in the topic. I used to catch her on random days where I had no luck, but I never stopped until I saw her correcting or editing the test (from another class group, well some days I knew she was correcting the tests because I had my friend In the other group) that's when I located the test, either she left it on the desk or put them away. The same day or next day I had one of my friends interrupt me while I was speaking to her about an upcoming project I had in mind. My friend used to say sorry can I speak with you privately its urgent (my friend was a girl, so she talk about her emotions and how she was too stressed to pass the test and about pressure bla bla) meantime I grabbed a copy of the test (now a days its so easy you can just snap a picture with your phone). Before the test, we got to know the answers by heart and once the test came we aced it. The second way I used to get the test was, I sat right in the middle and when teacher gave out the tests I pretended I was tying my shoe once she got to the other side I secretly put the test in my pocket or bag. (why sit in the middle you ask? because if you were the first one or last one in the back or front the teacher would remember you). Once she finished giving out all the tests she would ask who didn't get a copy, and I would raise my hand and I get another one. I used to do this for one subject and my other friends the other subjects. The test I took I used to give it to my friends so they can ace it and vice versa. We always planned ahead lets say my test was on Monday and my friend was next Monday, the one who knew more about the subject used to get the first test.

The classic strategy
This one everyone has done it and it's simple so simple that teachers don't even check anymore. Simply write the formulas or answers of things that you need for the test on a piece of paper, put it in the back of your calculator, if you have cold bring a tissue box put it inside, put the paper in your wallet, put the paper under your sole just don't forget to remove the paper from where you put when your done.

The comeback later technique
This technique in my opinion has worked better with girls than for me even though my success rate was 100% I rarely used this. Here is what to do go to class normally get the test look at it, make sure to memorize what are the most difficult questions, get a mental picture and 10-15mins into the test go see the teacher tell the teacher you really don't feel good and can't in result you cant concentrate, say that you would like to take the test after at another time. This works better for girls because they have a better memory and they can get a paper from the doctor for their cramps on that day of the month, simply copy a few copies of the doctors note and tell the teacher I thought I could come to class today and do the test but I really can't I honestly can't concentrate and don't want this to affect my grade. If the teacher says you cant leave then you show the copy of the doctors note. Teacher will say right away okay go well schedule something.

I hope these tricks will make you realize that cheating is not good! Do not cheat, but if you do, do it right don't get caught, most important have fun and be safe!
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The days of finding any luxury brand on aliexpress are over. You can still find designer brands from time to time if the sellers or listing hasn't been banned by aliexpress. They are making it harder and harder for buyers to find their favorite brands on the website. Good thing you found this article because there are still sellers selling your favorite brand but they don't list the items on aliexpress. Here you will find a list of sellers that can supply any designer brands we also include a few catalogues where you can browse some of the products these sellers can supply.

Here is what to do:

  • Contact a few of the sellers from the list bellow message them on aliexpress
  • Ask them if they can supply any brands (NEVER MENTION ANY SPECIFIC NAME BRAND)*
  • You can also ask if they have a catalogue of brands
  • They will ask your for your email or whatsapp (CONTACT ONLY TROUGH EMAIL)**
  • Once they send you the catalog link contact with them trough email
  • Send them the links, size, color and quantity of the item you want
  • When they reply if you agree with the price ask them to send you aliexpress payment link***
  • You can always bargain, also tell them to declare low value on package to avoid custom taxes.
*It's important not to mention any name brand, aliexpress monitors that careful and the seller won't reply to you due to being scared of being banned from aliexpress.** Don't give them your whatsapp they will spam you every day, contact them trough email only its better. *** Only accept payment trough as your order will be safe and secure in the case you dont receive it, aliexpress will refund you, also the payment on aliexpress is encrypted and secure.


XiaYing Online Shop
Steward Gao's Store
Hua Hat Store
Customjersey Store
HaoQuan Ltd.
Sunshine Glasses Ldt
Factory Outlet 
European Brand Underwear
Fantasy Store 
Yoyo Cao's Store 
Canton Wigs Store 
Top2 Trade Co. Ltd.
Tuan Zi Bao Bao 
SunMoon Mall -- Top Quality Products 
Latest Fashion Brand Shoes Shop
Miss Ord Fashion
Villy Again Store
Grady Official Store
Glowworm No.2
Fashion Girlfriend
Sunrise Fashion Store
Discount Fashion Store Co Ltd.
Shenzhen Garment Accessories Franchise

Product Catalogues:

Hope you find what you need or want, this blog article is for information purposes only, to use at your own discretion. Have Fun!
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Having problems with picking up girls? Well our new 6 ways video tells you how to impress a woman and keep them interested in you. If you apply these 6 things to your daily life you are sure to get any woman's attention even maybe get a number or two, who knows! You need to play your cards right. Follow the 6 steps and keep in mind that girls are human also, they have feelings and might be just as shy as you are when approaching them, Don't panic or freak out this will only push women away, don't over do it, be yourself and be genuine. Women like down to earth guys.

6 Ways To Impress A Woman

Say your handy or tell her about your skill
This is important here if you have a skill or anything that you are good at, tell her about it but don't brag about it and don't stay on the same topic the whole evening, simply mention it and keep the curiosity alive. Example: If you played the saxophone when you were a young and you are at a bar a suddenly a saxophone song comes up, just say you love the saxophone and that it reminds you of great times. That's it! Leave it like that she will be curious later on and ask about it. Women love guys that are handy or that have hidden talents or skills. Can be anything, she will be impressed and stay interested in you!

Make her laugh
This is a major key to impress a woman, this will also keep her interested and keep the conversation going. Simply make her laugh, don't try too hard, don't use stupid knock knock jokes or jokes that you find on the internet. Use keywords or phrases that are funny related to ambient you are in or to the conversation you are having. Example: Let's say you are at a bar and she is talking about her work, retain certain keywords that she said in your mind, when a song comes up with those words sing it or make her notice it. She will laugh or smile guaranteed! This will also show her that you are paying attention to what she is saying, but again this can anything, don't over do it but yet don't be afraid to be goofy, be yourself around her.

Take care of your appearance
Would you be interested in a sloppy woman that doesn't take care of herself or looks like a bum? Well same thing goes for them. Women like gentlemen, appearance doesn't just mean put on gel or take a shower. It means the whole package, dress to impress, smell good, be well groomed, use proper language, open the door of the car or a place, give gifts, don't have dirty nails, shoes for some reason are important for women so get a $10 shirt but get nice shoes, make sure your car is washed, if she is coming over make sure nothing is messy and everything is spick and span. In other words any thing she can notice or see she will keep that image of you.

Be confident
Women love guys that know what they want in life, so be affirmative, have a plan. If your car is something that you are shy or not comfortable with then rent one this will boost your confidence level. Confidence also starts in your mind, think positive, think highly of yourself. Take care of your appearance and confidence will come automatically. If you are going on a date then be the one to decide where you guys are going also always keep a little surprise for the evening mention the surprise briefly this will show her that you are taking control of things, which is a must!

Introduce her to your friends
This step will make a women drop her panties as soon as she's alone with you, why? It's simple if you introduce her to your friends it means she passed the first stage. Not only she wants to see who you hangout with but she also wants you to be proud to show her off to your friends. So speak highly of her to your friend, tell your friend about her skills or hobbies, like that when they met her they will have things to talk about.

Compliment her on her personality
A woman gets compliments on how she looks day in day out, get to know the woman your are interested in and compliment her on her personality. Of course you should also compliment on appearance but don't compliment her on her big boobies or her beautiful blue eyes she is fed up of earring that. Like I said get to know her get to know her personality. If you don't know how to do that then create challenges or go an adventure together like that you will get to know the real her. From time to time compliment her on her style what she has dressed, or her new hair style, compliment her about the joke she just made. This will make her smile and blush a little and she will be impressed that you noticed these things.

I hope these tips will help you develop the attitude and  personality women are looking for, apply these to your daily life and you will start to see result in no time. Women will start noticing you and will start to talk to you. Most importantly have fun and be yourself... Cheers!
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Introducing our new episode segments called "6 Ways to" which we will release a video every Friday on YouTube. The concept relies on showing people 6 ways to do anything, each week there is a new topic, if you have any topics that you would like us to feature or show you 6 ways to do something we will be happy to create it on the next videos.

Our first topic is about school since school just started a lot of people are struggling to pay their school fees or supplies here are 6 ways to pay for your school supplies. Check out the video bellow:

6 Ways To Pay For Your School Supplies

Apply for student loan or credit card
Banks are always present on every school campus at the beginning of the year to recruit new customers for their credit cards. If not then at your local bank, you can apply for one, but be smart about it and only use it for school supplies, owning a credit card can be dangerous! Ruining your credit score at a young age is not something that you want, pay it off as soon as you receive the bill. In case you can't pay it completely then pay a little over the minimum every month and never be late on your payments! You can also see if you are eligible for a student loan, for that you will have to go to your school financial department and get more information.

Borrow money from your parents or friends
Most of the time its the parents that invest in their kids education, ask your dad, mom, older sister, older brother or even your grandparents (if they can afford) to lend you a little extra cash for your school supplies. Make a deal with them that you will pay them back during your holiday break or at the end of the summer when you will have time to get a part-time job. You can also ask a close friend for some extra money to pay off your school supplies. The key here is to create trust and pay them back as soon as you can, if you don't then it would be the last time they will lend you money next time you'll be in trouble you'll be on your own.

Pay with your savings account
The money that you or your parents kept putting aside for your future its time to use it, if you have a savings account and have no other option then now is the time to invest in your future. There is nothing more valuable than education, take a little of that money and purchase the school supplies that is really necessary, (Don't buy a mont blanc pen, when a bic pen does exactly the same thing). Remember to keep track of what what you are spending so you can replace the money once you finish the semester or when you graduate.

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