Aliexpress Designer Brand Finder #1 [2015 Update]

We have been getting a lot of emails concerning why we cant find any designer clothes on anymore. Well truth is most of the branded items that used to be featured on aliexpress website were/are replicas. So aliexpress banned any designer brand keywords or tittles, making it impossible for people to find their favorite luxury brands at a lower price.

If you don't mind high quality replicas we have included a guide here on what keywords to search for which brand.  This guide is for information only, start by clicking the banner bellow:

Aliexpress Designer Brand Guide

For Designer Handbags: Write their model name
For Designer Sunglasses: Write their model name
For Designer Watches: Write their model name 
Ralph Lauren: Polo, RL, Ralph, Lauren
Hugo Boss: Hugo, Boss, HB, HS
Mont Blanc: Mountain logo, Monte, mont, blan
Moncler: Mon jacket, monclearing
Lacoste: Crocodile logo, Crocodile, made in peru
Hermes: H, ermes, paris
Nike: Swoosh, nike, or shoe model name
Armani: Arma,  AE
Versace: Medusa, versa
Abercrombie: AF, Fitch
Louboutin: Red sole, lou
Diesel: Disel
Levis: Levs, Levy, 501 jeans
Gucci: G, Double G
Burberry: London, Brit brand, burb
Louis Vuitton: Lou vuit, vuitt, paris 
Prada: Pr, Pr***
Ferragamo: Ferrag
Phillipp Plein: Plein, PP, Plain
Canada Goose: Goose, down jacket, Canada jacket
Mixed Brands: Designer brand, luxury brand, famous brand, european brand, italian brand, popular brand, fashion brand, american brand, upscale, high grade, embroidery logo, embroided logo

*We do not condone buying replicas, Purpose of this guide is to help educate people so that they will avoid being scammed. If you like an item from a designer brand please buy the authentic!

Get The latest list here [2016 update]