Tips On How To Buy On Aliexpress And Not Get Scammed

We have been dealing on since their very beginnings so we know the tricks inside out but along the way we have been scammed by some sellers and its not fun! so here you will find few simple steps to avoid getting ripped off or not receiving your item(s). You can watch the video bellow and follow the steps at after the video.


Here are the steps:

Step 1 (Product search)
  • Find 3 or more sellers that are selling the same item
  • Compare prices
  • Read each product description CAREFULLY
  • Some items can't be shipped worldwide, check if they ship to your country
  • Check if the item you want is compatible in your country or even legal in your country
  • Check the size of the item (if its clothing check the size chart most items are Asian sizes)
  • Look which seller offers free shipping
  • Look at the colors and different variations of the product that they offer
  • Does it come with box any retail package
  • Check for bulk deals
  • Check for the refund icon if not received 100% guaranteed

Step 2 (Contact Seller)
  • Contact all the sellers with the same message
  • Ask them to send you REAL pictures of the item (different angles)
  • Ask about the (brand, quality, material used)
  • Ask about final pricing including shipping (tell competitors are cheaper)
  • Ask about the shipping options including how much time to receive item
  • Ask about duty or import fees, if they can send as gift low value
  • Ask about their refund policy
  • Ask for coupons or rebates 
  • Ask if they provide tracking number for the item

Step 3 (Final decision)
  • Purchase the item that suits your needs
  • Track it
  • Receive it
  • Analyze it
  • Ask for a refund if not satisfied or create a dispute.
  • Leave feedback and gain points
  • Points can be redeemed for coupons or prizes in the future (learn more about aliexpress points)

Hope these tips help you have a great shopping experience on aliexpress dont forget to follow us on instagram, and subscribe to our youtube channel for more tips.