6 Ways To Pay For Your School Suppliers

Introducing our new episode segments called "6 Ways to" which we will release a video every Friday on YouTube. The concept relies on showing people 6 ways to do anything, each week there is a new topic, if you have any topics that you would like us to feature or show you 6 ways to do something we will be happy to create it on the next videos.

Our first topic is about school since school just started a lot of people are struggling to pay their school fees or supplies here are 6 ways to pay for your school supplies.

Apply for student loan or credit card
Banks are always present on every school campus at the beginning of the year to recruit new customers for their credit cards. If not then at your local bank, you can apply for one, but be smart about it and only use it for school supplies, owning a credit card can be dangerous! Ruining your credit score at a young age is not something that you want, pay it off as soon as you receive the bill. In case you can't pay it completely then pay a little over the minimum every month and never be late on your payments! You can also see if you are eligible for a student loan, for that you will have to go to your school financial department and get more information.

Borrow money from your parents or friends
Most of the time its the parents that invest in their kids education, ask your dad, mom, older sister, older brother or even your grandparents (if they can afford) to lend you a little extra cash for your school supplies. Make a deal with them that you will pay them back during your holiday break or at the end of the summer when you will have time to get a part-time job. You can also ask a close friend for some extra money to pay off your school supplies. The key here is to create trust and pay them back as soon as you can, if you don't then it would be the last time they will lend you money next time you'll be in trouble you'll be on your own.

Pay with your savings account
The money that you or your parents kept putting aside for your future its time to use it, if you have a savings account and have no other option then now is the time to invest in your future. There is nothing more valuable than education, take a little of that money and purchase the school supplies that is really necessary, (Don't buy a mont blanc pen, when a bic pen does exactly the same thing). Remember to keep track of what what you are spending so you can replace the money once you finish the semester or when you graduate.

Make money online with Fiverr
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Get money by selling stuff you don't use or need anymore
Everyone has junk lying around the house that we don't need anymore, how about you clean out your closet and make a little money? You know what they say right? One man's trash is another man's treasure. So why trow it away when you can make money? You can sell your old cds, dvds, sports equipment, designer clothing and much more. You can sell it on amazon.com or on ebay.com & make some extra cash to pay your school supplies, remember to sell your own things and don't sell your moms stuff without her permission, she will get mad.