6 Ways To Host A Sunday Football Game

Football season is back! Finally, that time of the year that brings people together on a sunday. You love football and want to host a kick ass party on the next Sunday night football? Well here are some great ideas on how to host your next Sunday night night football. People will talk about this for days to come. Props or meal menus are not included you will have to come up with that on your own. Let's check it out.

The classic tail gate
If your team is playing in town then go to the game go 2 hours in advance to prepare and set up for the tailgate, make sure to bring enough beer, your team props, a bbq, tables, chairs and have some games prepared. If you don't want to go to the stadium or if your team is not playing in town then do a tailgate in your driveway or backyard set up a big screen projector outside against the wall or the garage door if you don't have a projector then get one here. They are not very expensive, make sure to have enough beer and of course have your team fan gear ready. Call all your friends and tell them tailgate at your house and take over your street. You can charge $10-20 a person which will pay for the projector on the long run and pay for the beer and snacks. Perfect for 4pm games.

Have a bbq at the house
The bbq at the house is similar to the tailgate but a little more family oriented, invite your friends and family over to watch the game. Alternate with your friends on who is hosting the game on different weeks, this is perfect when your team is playing at 1pm.

Have people over in your man cave/bar
This is where you invite only your close friends to come over watch the game with you, without any distractions. If you have a spot in your house where its quite and its your little getaway from reality then Sundays game is the time to use it. This trick is mostly used for superstitious people where they don't want to be bothered by non sense during the game. Only people that are real fans are allowed in the man cave! Perfect for night games.

Fantasy football league
Create a league with your friends where each Sunday you guys choose someone different in hosting the Sunday game. The host must provide all the amenities for the party. Props and fan gear is to each its own.

Do a bloc party
Each season send out a warning/invite to all your neighbors that you will be hosting a bloc party when your team is playing their worst rivals. Pick a date send out flyers, plan it, you can even charge. Plan a half time mini football game on the street for the kids. For the adults have drinking games beer and a bbq. Put your tv outside or put a projector. Make sure to check your local laws for any complains before, do not disturb the peace. When the day comes close down your street and have fun! This is great for 1pm and 4pm games.

Ladies out. boys day in
This one is my favorite, if your loved one doesn't enjoy watching the game with you, then buy her a day at the spa or treat her to a shopping spree. Invite all your friends order in and drink beer watch the games all day. This is perfect for morning, afternoon and evening games!

I hope these 6 ways will help you host a memorable Sunday football game, enjoy and have a good game!