6 Ways To Impress A Woman

Having problems with picking up girls? Well our new 6 ways video tells you how to impress a woman and keep them interested in you. If you apply these 6 things to your daily life you are sure to get any woman's attention even maybe get a number or two, who knows! You need to play your cards right. Follow the 6 steps and keep in mind that girls are human also, they have feelings and might be just as shy as you are when approaching them, Don't panic or freak out this will only push women away, don't over do it, be yourself and be genuine. Women like down to earth guys.

Say your handy or tell her about your skill
This is important here if you have a skill or anything that you are good at, tell her about it but don't brag about it and don't stay on the same topic the whole evening, simply mention it and keep the curiosity alive. Example: If you played the saxophone when you were a young and you are at a bar a suddenly a saxophone song comes up, just say you love the saxophone and that it reminds you of great times. That's it! Leave it like that she will be curious later on and ask about it. Women love guys that are handy or that have hidden talents or skills. Can be anything, she will be impressed and stay interested in you!

Make her laugh
This is a major key to impress a woman, this will also keep her interested and keep the conversation going. Simply make her laugh, don't try too hard, don't use stupid knock knock jokes or jokes that you find on the internet. Use keywords or phrases that are funny related to ambient you are in or to the conversation you are having. Example: Let's say you are at a bar and she is talking about her work, retain certain keywords that she said in your mind, when a song comes up with those words sing it or make her notice it. She will laugh or smile guaranteed! This will also show her that you are paying attention to what she is saying, but again this can anything, don't over do it but yet don't be afraid to be goofy, be yourself around her.

Take care of your appearance
Would you be interested in a sloppy woman that doesn't take care of herself or looks like a bum? Well same thing goes for them. Women like gentlemen, appearance doesn't just mean put on gel or take a shower. It means the whole package, dress to impress, smell good, be well groomed, use proper language, open the door of the car or a place, give gifts, don't have dirty nails, shoes for some reason are important for women so get a $10 shirt but get nice shoes, make sure your car is washed, if she is coming over make sure nothing is messy and everything is spick and span. In other words any thing she can notice or see she will keep that image of you.

Be confident
Women love guys that know what they want in life, so be affirmative, have a plan. If your car is something that you are shy or not comfortable with then rent one this will boost your confidence level. Confidence also starts in your mind, think positive, think highly of yourself. Take care of your appearance and confidence will come automatically. If you are going on a date then be the one to decide where you guys are going also always keep a little surprise for the evening mention the surprise briefly this will show her that you are taking control of things, which is a must!

Introduce her to your friends
This step will make a women drop her panties as soon as she's alone with you, why? It's simple if you introduce her to your friends it means she passed the first stage. Not only she wants to see who you hangout with but she also wants you to be proud to show her off to your friends. So speak highly of her to your friend, tell your friend about her skills or hobbies, like that when they met her they will have things to talk about.

Compliment her on her personality
A woman gets compliments on how she looks day in day out, get to know the woman your are interested in and compliment her on her personality. Of course you should also compliment on appearance but don't compliment her on her big boobies or her beautiful blue eyes she is fed up of earring that. Like I said get to know her get to know her personality. If you don't know how to do that then create challenges or go an adventure together like that you will get to know the real her. From time to time compliment her on her style what she has dressed, or her new hair style, compliment her about the joke she just made. This will make her smile and blush a little and she will be impressed that you noticed these things.

I hope these tips will help you develop the attitude and  personality women are looking for, apply these to your daily life and you will start to see result in no time. Women will start noticing you and will start to talk to you. Most importantly have fun and be yourself... Cheers!