Alternative Way To Buy Designer Brands On Aliexpress

The days of finding any luxury brand on aliexpress are over. You can still find designer brands from time to time if the sellers or listing hasn't been banned by aliexpress. They are making it harder and harder for buyers to find their favorite brands on the website. Good thing you found this article because there are still sellers selling your favorite brand but they don't list the items on aliexpress. Here you will find a list of sellers that can supply any designer brands we also include a few catalogues where you can browse some of the products these sellers can supply.

Here is what to do:

  • Contact a few of the sellers from the list bellow message them on aliexpress
  • Ask them if they can supply any brands (NEVER MENTION ANY SPECIFIC NAME BRAND)*
  • You can also ask if they have a catalogue of brands
  • They will ask your for your email or whatsapp (CONTACT ONLY TROUGH EMAIL)**
  • Once they send you the catalog link contact with them trough email
  • Send them the links, size, color and quantity of the item you want
  • When they reply if you agree with the price ask them to send you aliexpress payment link***
  • You can always bargain, also tell them to declare low value on package to avoid custom taxes.
*It's important not to mention any name brand, aliexpress monitors that careful and the seller won't reply to you due to being scared of being banned from aliexpress.** Don't give them your whatsapp they will spam you every day, contact them trough email only its better. *** Only accept payment trough as your order will be safe and secure in the case you dont receive it, aliexpress will refund you, also the payment on aliexpress is encrypted and secure.


XiaYing Online Shop
Steward Gao's Store
Hua Hat Store
Customjersey Store
HaoQuan Ltd.
Sunshine Glasses Ldt
Factory Outlet 
European Brand Underwear
Fantasy Store 
Yoyo Cao's Store 
Canton Wigs Store 
Top2 Trade Co. Ltd.
Tuan Zi Bao Bao 
SunMoon Mall -- Top Quality Products 
Latest Fashion Brand Shoes Shop
Miss Ord Fashion
Villy Again Store
Grady Official Store
Glowworm No.2
Fashion Girlfriend
Sunrise Fashion Store
Discount Fashion Store Co Ltd.
Shenzhen Garment Accessories Franchise

Product Catalogues:

Hope you find what you need or want, this blog article is for information purposes only, to use at your own discretion. Have Fun!