10 Reasons To Stop Drinking And Tips To Keep Going

We live in a society where people who have more than one drink daily are labeled as failures or alcoholics. Society points the finger at these individuals and push them aside. Truth is people who drink have a higher standards of life and perceive life differently. What I mean by this look at the best chefs around the world, the best artists, the best lawyers, best accountants and the best writers all have one thing in common they all have a dependence on something and in most cases alcohol is their drug of choice. Alcohol stimulates our creativity and makes us think outside the box, I'm not saying to drink and be drunk but moderate drinking can be good for you. This article is for those who can't control their drinking and don't know the long term effects of alcohol.

So here are 10 reasons to moderate or stop drinking completely.

You went out last night had a lot of fun and had a few too many shots, you already know that the next day will be a disaster and you won't be able to do any activities. For some having to go through a hangover on the next day is the worst part of drinking. By completely eliminating alcohol from your life you will avoid having hangovers!

Consuming alcohol daily or regularly can cause liver cells to die. If you continue to drink eventually enough liver cells will die to cause permanent liver damage. The more you consume the more damage you will do to your liver creating scars in your liver that wont heal. If you do stop drinking alcohol your liver can heal and quickly repair itself, just like a small cut on the skin. The healing process can start a few days after you stop drinking or in other cases it might take several months.

You soon will realize that most of your money goes to alcoholic related activities. Drinking alcohol is a luxury, it is not cheap! This is a challenge for 1 week, every time you have a drink write down the price and at the end of the week check the amount. That is how much you could have extra in your pocket. Alcohol is expensive, so completely removing alcohol from your life will help you save money for something that is worth it.

Alcohol plays a major role in your sex drive, when you give up alcohol you sleep better which increases your testosterone production. Testosterone level is linked with your sex drive, so no alcohol you will sleep better, more sex drive. Not to mention that alcohol can cause impotence. For a better sex life replace alcohol with celery, pineapple and watermelon.

Toxins are released by our skin by breaking out or creating acne. Alcohol is a known toxin to your body so your body will eliminate it trough acne. Alcohol can also cause premature aging which will create dark spots on your skin. All this can be cured but you must eliminate alcohol from your life.

Alcoholic beverages contain a lot of calories, however these calories contain zero benefits for your health it only gets you fat. So by eliminating that alcoholic daily beverage you will start to lose weight and you will see a big difference on your health.
By removing alcohol from your routine you will increase the quality of your sleep. The keyword here is quality, you will sleep much better. You ear some people saying ill have a glass of wine and sleep good. This is not true, yes you will pass out fast but the "quality" of your sleep during the night will be the worst and you will wake up just as if you didn't sleep enough. Tired every morning? well try to remove alcohol and caffeine from your life and you'll wake up fresh every morning.

Some people drink to gain confidence, having a couple of drinks to have enough balls to go talk to that cute girl. Truth is you come off like a douche bag. Confidence should come naturally and this happens once you stop drinking altogether. Not to mention that you will stop doing stupid things.

It all starts with a drink late at night, then it becomes a drink on the weekend, then it becomes a drink on the weekend and sport events, then it becomes a drink every day for happy hour, then it becomes a drink because I need one, then it becomes a drink to be productive. Drinking alcohol can become highly addictive once you see that you need a drink to do something or all your activities revolve around drinking then stop completely before its too late. If not then seek help immediately.

Alcohol can link to numerous liver, kidney and heart diseases. If you overall care about your health then stop drinking completely before you do permanent damage to your body.

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It is very hard to stop drinking but the hardest part is to continue to be sober. here are some tips on how to manage:

Avoid Temptations
Stay away from things or places that give you the urge to drink, find new hobbies or something to distract you when you feel like having a drink. Example a bar I used to go everyday, the first month I stopped drinking I made sure to never pass in front so I don't get tempted to stop for a beer. Today I pass in front and don't even notice its there. Another thing I also removed everything that was related to alcohol in my house, posters, booze logos and so on. I also found something more productive to do with my time, now for my happy hour I sit outside reading a good book with a green smoothie to repair my liver.

Let Everyone Know
Surround yourself with people who support your decisions, let them know that you stopped drinking and that you have a goal. When you state your goal to someone it then becomes real. When your family and friends know that you stop drinking then they will support you and wont make you be around alcohol this will also help you too see who really cares for you and who truly is your friend.

Reward Yourself
You need to have a cheat day, just like bodybuilders have a cheat day to reward themselves for eating clean for x amount of days. You should reward yourself once in a while before go nuts and do something that you might regret, moderate your reward and continue sticking to your goal.

Enjoy The Benefits
After quitting alcohol you will notice the benefits of living alcohol free. These benefits are more addictive than alcohol; no more hangovers, more money, better lifestyle, more energy, more sex drive, better skin and most important better health.

Note: that we do not advise you to quit drinking in one shot if you have a severe alcohol addiction the best way to solve it is to seek some professional help and have a professional monitor your detox process as it might be harmful for you to quit all of sudden might even result in a fatal injury.

http://bit.ly/2glIpAZHere Are Some Common Symptoms From Quitting Alcohol:
  • Shaking
  • Light Headed
  • Poor Concentration
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • No energy
  • Muscle Aches
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression

Please contact your doctor or a health professional this article was for information purposes only.