10 Tourist Scams To Beware Of

Bad people are all over the world and sometimes these bad people take advantage of tourists who are innocent and are on vacation spending their hard earned money. If you are traveling abroad be vigilante, always be aware of your surroundings and watch out for these scams:

The Person Who Trips And Falls
Someone suddenly falls near you, make sure to keep an eye on your bags and belongings. Locals take advantage of this situation in most cases when someone falls there are always kids not far looking at what you will leave behind while you are trying to help the person who fell. The bag you had left near your seat at the cafe or the cell phone you left on the table won't be there when you get back. Do not leave anything behind even if you want to help someone.

 The Rental Damage
You rented a car, scooter, jet ski or anything on wheels when you drop it back off, the clerk goes around the vehicle and will try to find anything to make you pay for an unknown damage. In most cases they will go for a road test and come back saying there's a mechanical problem with the vehicle since you can see mechanical they will ask for you to pay on the spot and if you don't pay his beefed up friends are near by to make sure you will go to the ATM to get cash. So the best thing to do is if you need to rent a vehicle get it from a known company and never go drop off the vehicle alone.

 The Free jewellery
This one is very popular and it never fails, while you are walking downtown or near a board walk suddenly you get approached by a person and she starts to talk about a certain topic that gets you interested which these people analyze what you are wearing, walking and talking before they approach you. So while they keep you engaged in the conversation they get a piece of jewellery out most often its a bracelet they put it on your hand you get all happy thinking that its a positive memory that you will get back then they say if you take it off it will be bad luck and you owe them money for the bracelet so now you are stuck and have no choice but to pay them. Avoid anyone who starts to talk to you out of nowhere.

 The Helpful Locals
You might get approached by locals asking you if you need help getting around what they will do is stick with you until you get fed up and in the end they ask for a tip or for some money. These locals will also bring you to local shops, local bars who are in on it. This person acts as an agent to bring you to his friends shop/bar or maybe he gets paid by these places. So if you didn't ask for any information say no thank you and that you not need any help.

 The Change Please
Since you are abroad chances are the country you are in has a different currency than the country you live in. So sometimes stores and restaurants take advantage of that and in most cases they round up the numbers. Example you are in Lisbon, Portugal the local beer price is about 1.90EURO so they will round it up to 2EUROS or when you get the change back there will be money missing. So make sure to see what is on your bill and check if they give the correct change.

 The Cab Fare
This is very well known where cab drivers take advantage of tourist since tourist don't know the local fare they will increase the price from the start and sometimes if you do ask them advice on where to go they will add an extra fee to your bill at the end of your trip. Of course you can tip the drive if he was nice im also not saying that every driver will do this but be aware. The best thing is to take a Uber if its available in the country that you are visiting.

 The Wifi Hotspots
We live in an age that we need to be and stay connected all the time airports, malls, stores, coffee shops, bars  all offer wifi hotspots to drive in clients. The problem here is that some free wireless networks don't offer the security you need and it makes it easy to hack your device. So do not purchase or access any personal information while connected on a public wireless network.

 The Fake Officers
This is the most rare in the list but it happens, a fake office will come up to you and say that you parked or did something illegal while walking and that you need to pay a fine, you can either pay it now on the spot or pay it later for 6 times the price. Since you are visiting a foreign country you might not know some locals laws so he might take advantage of that so first thing you do is ask for a badge if he doesn't have then tell him that you are contacting the authorities, keep in mind that 911 might not be the local number to reach for help. Before leaving beware of the local emergency number.

 The Street Market
In the downtown or boardwalk area you can find anything for cheap be careful for people selling counterfeit items and even drugs. Simply say no and walk away.

 The Car Trouble
This is very common in eastern Europe when you will be driving someone will make you sign that your has a mechanical problem or a flat. The obvious thing you would do will be pulling over on the side and the person would pull over with you, meantime he tells you that your car has a problem in the back the other guy goes in your car and steals some of your belongings or even worst robs you at gun point. So the best thing to do is continue driving if there is a problem with your car you will notice it eventually and you will stop at a gas station or safe location.

Hope this list helps you so you can enjoy and have a safe trip. A reminder to always keep your eyes open on you belongings and know your surroundings. Do not engage in anything you dont want to.
Have a great trip and be safe, Cheers!