5 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Trip

Going on vacation can be expensive so here are some tips on where to save money before you leave.

Some people start to pack a month before they leave for vacation resulting in over packing which they may have to pay an extra fee at the airport for the luggage excess weight. Other people are last minute and pack the day or hour before they leave for the airport resulting in packing not enough items and they might need to buy things that they forgot.

Tip: 5 days before your departure check the weather of the destination you are visiting, start packing slowly 3-4 days before you leave while always checking the weather as the date approaches pack light and pack only the essentials that you need. Packing 3 to 4 days before you leave gives you enough time to remember if you are forgetting anything.

A big part of our traveling expenses goes towards accommodation. Resorts, hotels, villas, houses, condos, apartments and hostels all cost money the question is how much do you want to spend and is it really worth that price? Like everything else accommodation prices depend on supply and demand, if its the high season then prices will be higher. Again this takes some time to plan, if you really want to stay at a certain location but can't afford it then check their down season the price will be lower.

Tip: Avoid the middle man and avoid agencies, contact the place where you want to stay directly and ask if they have any rebates or discounts if they don't then ask if they can upgrade you for a better room. In today's world everything is at your finger tips this is why airbnb is the best place to find an accommodation for anywhere in the world, what is better than having your own home while on vacation and for low cost, cheaper than big chain hotels! Airbnb connects you directly with the home, villa or condo owner and you can book directly with them. You will save a lot money on all of your trips. 

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Traveling by plane, bus or train can be very frustrating at times. Things can get heated there might be some delays, your luggage can get lost, you can lose your passport or boarding pass, the food and drinks served might not be at your taste and not to mention not enough leg room at your seat. So how can you make your traveling time as smooth as possible? The answer is simple its all in the planning! Planning ahead can help you avoid a heavy bill at the end of your vacation.

Tip: Buy your favorite snacks or drinks before leaving and bring it with you. Buying it on the plane or train can be expensive not to mention that they only take credit cards. Show up early for check-in to get better seats. Bring your own entertainment or work to do if your traveling for long hours this will keep you busy. Don't buy any premium options that the traveling company is offering it is absolutely not worth it. If you are traveling by plane wait about 45 minutes to 1 hour into the flight spot a nice steward and kindly ask her if they have better seats up front or an opening for you because you get massive pain on your legs and that it is your first time flying so you didn't know that the seats would be this close to one another. Also for the meal upgrades usually the premium options get served first when they come to you kindly whisper or ask the flight attended if there are any premium meals left or that you are allergic to certain things, there's always extra premium meals.

When on vacation finding or booking transportation can be complicated and can cost quite a bit. So planning ahead of time is the key here. Depending on your location and where you want to go you must see what options you have. Example if you are downtown and want to explore around then your best move would be walking or getting a uber. If you are in a resort and want to go downtown your best move would be shuttle bus or city bus.

Tip: If you do need to rent a car here are some tips, search online first through affiliated websites and then search directly on the company website and compare prices. Example if you search cars for rent in Lisbon on google, an affiliate website will show up with all the car rental companies. You put in your search, dates and so on... You found one from avis that you like then, go to the avis website with the same location and dates and compare the rates. Now the trick here is to find a local business that rents cars they are always 20-30% cheaper than big name companies. So you have your avis rate already now search for Lisbon local car rental or find a search engine from the country that you are visiting and type in car rental. You will see the difference in prices and book with the cheapest.


Food & Drinks
Obviously while on vacation we have to eat and drink, but why should we spend 5euros on a beer when the rest of the country is paying 1.25euros for the same beer. Why pay extra just because you are in a touristic area? Well the answer is simple businesses take advantage of tourists while they are on vacation. Now the solution is also simple: talk to local people and ask around, where are the best areas to eat well for not expensive even if its 30 minutes away trust me it is worth it.

Tip: Before leaving on your trip try to connect or find someone local with similar interests. The trick here is to find remote restaurants and bars where locals go to. Which in my experience is the right way to discover the culture of a country. You can eat at these places for a quarter of what you would spend in a touristic area or city. If you can't find anyone, go to a bar or shop and talk to someone who works there connect with them and ask them some questions about the surroundings or where you should go for quality food for not expensive and have a good time.

Hope you enjoyed and will use these tips on your next trip, don't forget about my invitation to Airbnb click here to get $40 off on your next booking. The offer has limited places and it will end shortly so sign up now to receive the discount. Have a great trip and see you around the world ;).