7 Reasons Why Its Better To Travel In The Off Season

After traveling quite a bit around the world I notice one thing each time I had a better traveling experience is when I traveled in the off season. You are planning your next trip and don't know when to take your vacation, well here is 7 reasons why you should pick the off season to travel.
Cheaper Flights
Transportation takes a big chunk of your traveling budget, in the off season you can benefit from lower air fares. Last minute deals are also cheaper during the off season.

Cheaper Accommodations 
Finding a place to stay at a reasonable price becomes a headache this is why I prefer to travel off season when hotels and rental homes are less crowded. In the off season many hotels and house hosts drop their prices in order to fill their rooms. Make sure to keep an eye out for seasonal promotions. Another great way to save is to book with airbnb which is the cheaper way to experience and have a home during your vacation.


Less People 
Traveling in the off season means less people, it means you will have less crowded places. You will have more time to visit touristic attractions no more waiting in line for hours.

Lower Prices
After the storm the calm comes, in the off season you can benefit from lower prices as local merchants, restaurants and businesses boost their prices during the high season. So you can take advantage of the situation and put the money that you save towards something a unique experience. 

More Choices
While most accommodations and tourist attractions are booked months in advance limiting you in where you can stay or what you can do. Traveling in the off season give you the opportunity to choose where you want to stay and what you want to do because there are less people traveling during this time of the year.

Better Local Experience
You might discover unique events that most visitors never get the chance to experience. You can have a more authentic experience by discovering what locals actually do during their free time. The off season is the locals free time specially if you travel to popular cities around the world. For me to have a great trip I need to experience the local culture and theres no better time to do this than the off season.

Friendly Staff
Off season means less people traveling and less stress for the staff. So you will find that the staff is more friendly during the off season and some even take time to chat with you which is a great way to get to know the local people.


Hopefully this article changed your mind and made you realize all the benefits from traveling off season, all you need to do is pick a date and pack your bags!

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Enjoy, Cheers!