10 Reasons Why Montreal Is An Amazing City

Montreal is a city that you can't compare with no other, between the food, festivals, activities and historical architecture there is no better word to describe Montreal than Unique. The city has mix of different cultures which will make you feel right at home, no matter what part of the world you come from. With its creative energy there is always something to do in Montreal, If you are looking for a great spot for your next vacation here is 10 reasons why you should visit Montreal:


Breathtaking Views
Either you are an outdoor person or a person who loves to relax in your hotel, this city offers amazing city views. You can be adventurous and climb to the top of the Mont-Royal where you can take scenic selfies of the downtown area. The high rise buildings in downtown Montreal also offer breathtaking views to the Mont-Royal park or the St-Lawrence river.

Year round there are different festivals and activities to celebrate a cultural event. From the Just for Laughs festival to the international beer fest Montreal offers many different events. Not to mention its international culture from its French bistros, Greek restaurants, little Italy, Chinatown, Portuguese Chicken, Irish Pubs all mixed with local culture which is what makes Montreal such an amazing  and unique city to visit.

Like I mentioned Montreal is a diverse city with different cultures if you feel like eating Italian one and Indian another day you have thousands of choices to eat your favorite international dishes. You can also try the local cuisine inspired by different regions of the world such as a Sicilian poutine or simply try the local poutine with its crispy fries topped with BBQ sauce and crunchy cheese. Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per Capita in Canada, you will never go hungry here.

Street Art
Yes it is a form of graffiti but just walking around Montreal you will see the energy that people put into these murals, it is not a typical graffiti tag that you see on the side of a train. You will see original art work to which you will say how did they do that, and you would have to take a picture. Since 2013 Montreal has hosted the Mural Festival to showcase the best local and international artists. This is a form of expression and in each mural you can feel what the artist is saying. Overall this is amazing talent and it is a must see when walking around Montreal.

Montreal has a wide variety of architecture from historical buildings to glass sky scrapers not to mention the colorful townhouses. Walking around Montreal will make you want to snap a picture at each street corner. It's a breathtaking sight with it's mix of old and new architectural styles. Which combined one would thing it will be messy and unattractive but somehow everything gets into place perfectly and again this is why it makes it such a unique city,

Montreal has beautiful historical monuments. museums and it is very rich in history. From it's first explorers landing in the St-Lawrence river to it's religious cathedrals if history is what you love then by visiting Montreal you will learn a thing or 2 about North America and its influential cultural aspects.

Underground City
One of the worlds largest underground cities is located in downtown Montreal connecting office buildings, residential buildings, malls, hotels, restaurants, universities and other services offering 120 exterior access points with 32kms of underground space. This is a must visit place when you come to Montreal, bring some money because with over 1600 stores you are sure to get lost in time. It also connects with 10 different subway stations. The underground city is a great refuge from the cold winter weather.

Old Port
The old port of Montreal is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfronts of north America. Located aside the St-Lawrence river the old port is known for its festivals, history and boardwalk. A lot of activities year round in the winter one of the major attraction is the igloo fest.

Beautiful People
Montreal was ranked #1 for the city with the most beautiful women, with more than 50% of the population coming from foreign countries Montreal is known for its diversity. Montrealers take care of themselves, are well educated and are experts in balancing their busy lifestyle. Montrealers are driven, highly motivated to succeed and support one another. They are also known to age gracefully it might be in their genes. So if you want to see beautiful women and great people go visit Montreal.

Montreal has invested a lot of money and time to rebuild its roads to make it more accessible for bikes and for pedestrians. By 2025 Montreal wants to eliminate 45% of it's car traffic by offering a wider range of public transportation. New laws have been established to control its city pollution such as not allowed to have a wood fireplace in the city, high rise buildings must have green space and much more.


Hopefully these reasons will make you visit Montreal and you will go back home with great memories. For me this city is one of the greatest place in the world to have fun. If you are staying in Montreal we offer you a free gift, click here to get $45 off on your next stay with airbnb, hurry before it expires.

Have fun, Cheers!