6 Ways To Improve Your Life

 Only 30% of Americans are actually happy with their life, this is a sad number. So what is happiness? Happiness is different from one individual to another but there are 2 elements that should always be taken under considerations and that you should control to have a better life; your physical and mental health, Here are 6 ways to help you achieve a better lifestyle...

Take Care Of Yourself
People will ask me how is taking care of myself going to help me get a better life when it can be expensive and it takes too much of your time. Well look at it this way, if you feel good about yourself then you will be more successful and be more attractive. Not only its good for your self-image, mental state but also great for your health. If you look good you feel good!

Work For A Cause Or In An Environment That You Love
Most people work their entire life for a place or a cause that they do not like, WHY? Change your lifestyle and try doing something that you love you will see how happier you will become and how easy it is to make money doing something you love. Stop spending your time doing something you do not care about, spend your precious time doing something you love and earn from it.

Live In The Present
This is one of the most important keys to have a better life. If you keep thinking about the past how can you move on? The past is the past, let it be, hopefully you learned from it and time to move on. Live in the present because we can't predict the future. If you live your day by day you will see how much your life will improve.

Do Not Have Expectations
When someone has expectations it means they are predicting the future, this is something you can not expect and can not control. So do not have high expectations do not expect anything from anyone and you will see how great things will turn out.

Avoid Fear
By totally removing fear from your life you remove unnecessary stress, you will get to achieve more things. Stop being afraid of something and simply do it. Take risks life is too short, confront your fears and you will see how much better you will feel after.

Be Yourself And Not Like Someone Else
The best advice I ever had was to be myself and stop comparing myself with others, everyone is different. You can't be like anyone else you are you, So no matter what, you will always be you and not someone else. Simply be you and do you.


The bottom line is you are the only one that is in charge of your happiness. To live a happy and better life you need to take care of yourself, make money doing what you love, start to live for today and not yesterday remove all regrets, never expect anything from anyone, remove fear from your life and simply be you. If you start doing these things and you will see the positive impact it will have in your life, you will be much happier therefore you will have a better life!