6 Ways To Make Money By Actually Doing Anything

Tired of working hard and not getting a lot of money on your pay check? Well here is a list of 6 ways you can increase your weekly or monthly income by actually doing nothing, simply set it up and see your money grow over time. Here are 6 ways to make money by doing nothing.


Save Your Money On A Savings Account 
When you open a savings account banks usually pay you back based on interest. So go to your local branch and open a savings account you must meet their requirements. Make sure that you apply for their high-yield savings account which pays the most based on interest. Deposit your money and watch it grow overtime.

Become A Product Or Business Referral
A lot of companies pay you to bring in new clients. If there is a business or product that you like and really believe then why not refer someone? Contact the company or look if they have referral/affiliate program. Join their program and send them clients. You can also team up with some local businesses such as contractors and they can give you a cut of the contract. Simply send them customers and get a commission for it.

Share Your Opinion About A Product Or Service 
Big brands pay people to receive feedback on a new product or service that they launched. You can also get paid to do marketing surveys, to play videos games and to watch movies. How? These products need reviews and feedback from customers in order to improve their products or services. In the multimedia industry they need reviews to create a hype when they will launch this is why there are movie screenings before the movie comes out. There are numerous companies that pay you for your feedback to understand consumer behavior and habits.

Be On TV
Sign up to a casting agency most usually don't require a fee if they do shouldn't be more than $20 to set up your account, when any production need extras they go to casting agencies and pay the extras to be on their TV shows, commercials, ads or movies. You can get paid for doing literally nothing simply be present during the times that they need you. Wait for their call, show up and get paid!

Get Cash Back When Shopping Online 
Everyone shops online now a days, it's easy convenient and its now at your finger tips. So why not get money back while you shop for something that you need from your favorite store? Sign up to ebates here and start to earn immediately. Just for reading this you get $10 today but sign up here to claim your free cash.

Rent Your Unused Space
Do you have a room in your house that you are not using? Do you have a garage you not using? Do you have an extra home or apartment that is vacant most of the year? Why not make money out of it, join the booming industry of room and house rentals on AIRBNB click here to join sign up, post your extra living space for rent and get extra money for it. Sign up now to airbnb here and receive $40 today as a free gift.


Those are 6 easy ways to make money without actually doing anything you can do one of them or you can do more than one of them to generate even more money. Hope you enjoyed our list today and take advantage of these tips to make extra cash.