Airbnb Hacks That Will Save You Money

Tired of spending too much money on accommodations when you want to go on vacation, well Airbnb is the best choice for you to stay in a great property at the lowest rate possible. Even better in the following list I will show you how to can save even more when you book with Airbnb. So here are a few tricks and tips that you can to save on your next trip.

Get $40 Off On Your First Stay 
Here is a free gift from us just for reading our blog post. If you never used Airbnb before you can use these travel credits on your first accommodation click here to register to get $40 off.

Existing Members $40 Off
If you already have an account with Airbnb do not worry you can still take advantage of the $40 referral gift. Here is the trick simply delete your old account, create a new account with a new email by signing up here and you will receive an instant credit of $40.

Weekly/Monthly Discounts
Before booking anything make sure you check for the hosts special if your planning on staying 6 days sometimes it might be cheaper staying 7 days. Each host have different weekly or monthly discounts depending on the time of year. Make sure to check the listings discount before planing your trip.

Negotiate Price With Host
Another good way save is to contact the host directly and negotiate the price. Example if one property lists that its $15 for each extra guests after 2 guest then try to negotiate the price. I contacted the host before hand and had told them that I needed a place to stay in Lisbon for only 1 night but the terms were 2 nights minimum with a $500 security deposit. He let me stay for the 1 night with no deposit plus I said I would recommend that property to friends and family which he gave a 10% discount on the night, until now I refereed him a few people and will definitely stay there again.

Look For Nearby Properties
Use the "search as I move map" option so you can see the different prices. When I stayed in Lisbon the average price a night was $250. When I used the map to move around the location I saw a similar property same square footage for $85 a night, a 15 minute walk from downtown instead of a 2 minute walk from all the other ones. So it was a positive impact on my health and in my pocket. So I booked it right away. Take advantage of this feature to find nearby low cost gems.

Fees, Security Deposits And Cancellation rates
Always, always, always looks out for the fees required by the host. Some ask for security deposits, cleaning fees, extra guest fees and other misc fees. Also keep in mind that the Airbnb cancellation fees are very high. I suggest before booking that you contact the host and clarify all fees or better stay away from these properties with high fees. Doing this will avoid a hefty checkout price, after all you are using Airbnb to save money.

To conclude the best way to get the best price is to contact the host directly and deal with them, if you do not have an account with Airbnb then register here and get $40 off on your first stay. Hope you enjoy your next stay.

Until then, Cheers!