10 Home Remedies For Common Health Problems

Everyone has a different home remedy either it was passed from an older generation or something that they discovered themselves. Some swear they work and others say its a scam, well truth is some home remedies are backed up by science. So we put a few to the test and here are the top 10 that we experienced that actually worked:

Health Problem: Athlete's Foot
Solution: Garlic
If you suffer from athlete's foot crush a few garlic gloves mixed with a little olive oil and rub it on the infected area. Rub the area several times a day until it clears up. This is known to reduce the signs and symptoms thanks to an anti-fungal compound found in the garlic.

Health Problem: Indigestion
Solution: Licorice And Peppermint

If you have digestion problems licorice and peppermint is the way to go, make a tea from either one or a mix of both but the most common form of this remedy is in candy. Notice every time you go to a restaurant they give you candy their are either licorice or peppermint flavor. Well there is a good explanation for that; licorice increase mucus production for a soothing effect and the peppermint relaxes the sphincter in the oesophagus, which is what is irritated during the digestion process.

Health Problem: Migraine
Solution: Ice or Sex

Sex is known to fix many problems and one of them is migraines, guys if your lady says not tonight i have a headache you do have the remedy for her. And if you are single well ice also does the job but it is not as pleasant. Let's start with the Ice putting the ice on your neck 10 to 15 minutes numbs the nerves sending the pain signal and constricts blood vessels plus it is cold so it distracts you from the pain. If you have chronic migraines have sex a few times a week, this helps to reduce your migraines, researchers say that endorphins may cause pain to subside after an orgasm.

Health Problem: Stinky Feet
Solution: Alcohol

Rub alcohol on top and bottom of your feet with a cotton ball and wipe the excess from the bottom to minimise odour and control moisture. The dehydrating properties of alcohol kill bacteria and fungus it also eliminates excess perspiration. If you don't have rubbing alcohol vodka also works!

Health Problem: Sore Throat
Solution: Sage Tea

As soon as you feel something tingling in your throat boil 1 cup of water and add 2 tea spoons of fresh sage and 1 tea spoon of dried sage, let it rest for 20 minutes and drink it cold or warm. You will feel a relief after a short period of time. If not continue until you feel that it is back to normal.

Health Problem: Eczema
Solution: Baking Soda

Poor a warm bath and add 2 table spoons of baking soda, bathe for about 10-15 minutes 3 times a week you will see the difference right away. Eczema usually appears when someone has an acidic skin problem therefore the baking soda will neutralise and bring down the ph level in the skin.

Health Problem: Motion Sickness
Solution: Lemon

Motion sickness is related to excessive salivation. Tannins found in lemon and other bitter nutrients dry out the mouth. So if you have motion sickness bring lemons with you on the trip or have some fresh lemonade before you leave.

Health Problem: Nausea
Solution: Ginger

Ginger accelerates the stomach natural process and helps to release intestinal gas. If you are feeling nauseous try ginger tea or ginger ale. You can also eat ginger root if you do not mind the taste.

Health Problem: Dandruff
Solution: Aspirin

Salicylic acid is the anti-acne ingredient that removes off dead skin. Aspirin contain this compound, so it can do the same thing for your scalp; remove dead skin. Simply crush 1 aspirin per shower and add it to your shampoo. Soap your head with it leave it for about 10 minutes and do this for 1 week you will see the results immediately.

Health Problem: Anxiety
Solution: Peppermint Essential Oil

Essential oils are known to relief stress this is why when we go to get a massage they always use some kind of herbal oil that smells strong and when we leave from there we feel mentally and physically relaxed. Well there is one oil in particular that is good for anxiety and it is peppermint. So if you are feeling anxious rub some oil on your hands and feet or simply smell it put it around the house.

I hope you enjoyed these home made remedies, keep in mind that we are not professional doctors. This article is for informational purposes only to use at your own risk. If you are seeking for professional advice we recommend that you contact your doctor. We had fun doing and writing about these homemade remedies, we will have a part 2 shortly.

Thank you