10 Things That You Won't Believe Is Accepted Through Airport Security

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year to travel, millions of people travel world wide to spend some time with their loved ones and sometimes they over pack goods that are not accept through airport security resulting in the item being seized. Here are some items that people brought packed on their carry-on and was accepted by airport security:


 Miniature Size Alcohol Bottles
Airport security has a strict policy on fluids, the maximum you can bring is 100ml (3.4oz) mini alcohol bottles are 50ml (1.7oz) so you can bring 2 mini alcohol size bottles.

Sport Balls
You are a sports coach or want to practice in the waiting area while waiting for your plane? Well you can bring a full set of balls through airport security without the balls being deflated. Soccer, basket, baseball even bowling balls you name it it can pass through airport security.

Condiment Packets
You can bring as many condiment packets as you wish through airport security and into the plane, anything from mustard to bbq sauce. As long as you do not exceed the allowed amount per packet.

Cremated Remains
Out of respect to the deceased and passenger the airport security agent will not open the container. You are allowed to bring cremated remains as long as it is in a plastic or wooden container.

Corkscrews With No Blade
Can you believe this one? A bottle of wine is not allowed through airport security it will be seized but if you bring a corkscrew with no blade it will pass. Why would you need this if you can't bring your bottle on board? Unless the destination where you going doesn't have your lucky corkscrew.

Fishing Poles
You can bring your fishing poles with you through airport security as long as it fits in your carry-on. However hooks and other finishing gear must be wrapped and packed in your check-in luggage.

Handcuffs are allowed through airport security and onto the airplane just think about that undercover officer on the airplane he had to pass through security also and chances are he is carrying handcuffs.

Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks
These sharp objects are allowed through airport security once on plane these must be put away in a secure place such as your carry-on bag to ensure your safety and other passengers safety.

Depending on which animal some antlers can pass through security as long as it fits in your carry-on. 

Scissors Shorter Than 4 Inches 
Again another sharp object that is accepted but it must be under 4 inches like nail scissors or sewing scissors once in flight they must be put away.

Those are items that was approved by airport security and which are not banned by TSA. Now if you are not sure if you can bring an item aboard with you the best thing is to consult your local security agency, if you are still not sure about an item don't bring it aboard or at all. This is not legal information this is just study cases where people brought these items and it was accepted check your local regulations as each country is different.

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Travel safe and enjoy your holidays,